Passenger Radio Informer June 2016 Triple A

2016 June Triple A Issue

Happy Summer! LA used to be all about June Gloom.  Not this year.  As Glenn Frey once sang, “The Heat Is On” You want to talk hot?  How about a new single from Passenger? Let’s talk numbers Over 1 billion Streams In The U.S.  Over 1 billion YouTube views on “Let Her Go”.  Over 9 […]


2015 January Triple A Issue

Happy New Year!  New Year means new music discoveries and this edition of Radio Informer is filled with music that might just likely dominate your airwaves in 2015.  Cover girl Zella Day is already generating notices from the traditional press as well as music bloggers while also garnering massive (20 million to be exact as […]


2014 September Triple A Issue

Fall is finally here, kids are back in school, we get back to our routine before the insanity of the winter holidays starts up.  It’s a time to reflect on the simpler things in life and Guster’s “Simple Machine” is a perfect reflection of this time.  No lead up time in this song as this […]