2014 March Triple A Issue

I’m so thrilled to have RUN RIVER NORTH on the cover of Radio Informer. They were the beneficiaries of a viral video featuring an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.  They put on a dynamic live show and are currently on tour in the East Coast with The Goo Goo Dolls.   You might not know the name Jack […]

Augustana “Steal Your Heart”

Augustana "Shot In the Dark"

Buy: Shot In The Dark | Augustana | Augustana (CD)

Augustana "Steal Your Heart"

I am really digging this new track! Catchy hook plus a healthy dose of toms with some bells sprinkled on top. Awesome! The guys nailed this performance as usual. I have my computer hooked up to some Alesis Monitor Twos and blasted it. Mix sounds so full, I would have liked the vocals up front […]

Adult “Boy” Bands for Women

Make sure to check out adult “boy” bands Augustana, who perform their new single, “Steal Your Heart”, on Jay Leno this past Monday, and One Republic performing “Good Life” last Friday on Ellen. What makes these bands so compelling to adult radio listeners (besides their good looks) is the crafty song-writing, easy listening blend of […]

Augustana “Steal Your Heart”

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