Run River North Radio Informer January 2016

2016 January Triple A Issue

Happy New Year! The loss of Bowie is still fresh in our minds, so I have to say it’s been a bittersweet start to the year.  I’ve been asking people for their Bowie stories and my favorite so far is when an unnamed music promoter (let’s just say his initials are JB) took Joe Jackson […]

Romans Radio Informer June 2015

2015 June Triple A Issue

I may have this confused a little but I think it was William Shakespeare who wrote “Friends and countrymen lend Rømans your ears.  In any case, with their song “Uh Huh” already cracking the Top 25 on the Spotify viral chart and a much buzzed about performance at SXSW, Rømans are prepared to take over […]

Triple A Radio Informer May 2015

2015 May Triple A Issue

I don’t care what the calendar says as Summer is definitely here and that means any allusions to water are welcome.  May I cast your attention to an 18 year old from Derry, Ireland.  Her name is Bridie Monds-Watson but you can call her SOAK.  The single is “Sea Creatures” and it’s already been declared […]