2014 AC Holiday

*** Welcome to the annual 2014 RadioInformer Holiday sampler! Once again this issue is bursting at the seams with holiday classics by major and lesser known artists alike. But don’t let the new artists here go by unnoticed. There are some terrific interpretations of familiar songs to be heard (and played) on this issue. But […]


2014 October Triple A Issue

Happy Fall!  Football season is in full effect and the World Series is just around the corner, Count Chocula cereal is available for purchase and we start to think of what we’re going to for Halloween. I’m going as a chocking Clayton Kershaw (the Dodgers always find new ways to break my heart). On the […]


2014 September Hot AC Issue

A BIG slew of Hot AC radio releases makes September a highlight so far this year starting with the follow up to Sam Smith‘s multi-format #1 hit “Stay With Me”. Check out “I’m Not The Only One” and tell me I’m wrong when I say it’s another HIT for Mr. Smith. Making it’s way up […]


2014 September Triple A Issue

Fall is finally here, kids are back in school, we get back to our routine before the insanity of the winter holidays starts up.  It’s a time to reflect on the simpler things in life and Guster’s “Simple Machine” is a perfect reflection of this time.  No lead up time in this song as this […]


2014 September AC Issue

Welcome to Issue #4 of the AC Radio Informer which features an amazing selection of superstar artists with their 4th Quarter releases plus developing artists that will make their mark this fall. When Patty Morris at Capitol calls, I quickly pay very close attention. We like to have a superstar on the cover but I’m […]


2014 August Hot AC Issue

Welcome to August’s RadioInformer hits! Graffiti6 co-founder and writer of One Direction’s hit “Story of My Life”, Jamie Scott delivers his first solo single “Unbreakable”. This song is just what the doctor ordered as the Fall approaches. Hilary Duff is back after 6 years on a new label, RCA, with a killer anthem called “All About […]


2014 August Triple A Issue

Following up their Top #5 smash “Southern Sun” is Boy & Bear’s Three Headed Woman.  It’s not the typical song of girl done boy wrong but this time it’s boy imagines girl done boy wrong because he’s the one that’s done wrong.  It’s a unique take and musically it’s another wonderful turn from this Aussie […]


2014 July Hot AC Issue

The middle of Summer brings an issue brimming with terrific vocal and lyrical performances by Sia, Mary Lambert, Colbie Caillat, Leihoku, and Christina Perri. No it’s not a women-only issue, but these insightful and talented ladies are at their best here with songs about empowerment, self acceptance, and charged with pure open-hearted emotion. Sprinkled among […]


2014 July Triple A Issue

Those that were waiting for Scars On 45 to “give me something” need not wait anymore as the band that had the a top 5 smash with the song “Give Me Something” in 2011 return with “Crazy For You”.  This song has just entered the Top 30 and shows no signs of stopping.  Look for […]


2014 June Triple A Issue

Any one that has been fortunate to see Ray Lamontagne‘s show in 2014 knows that he’s closing his encore set with “Drive-in Movies”.  It’s going to be a fixture at his shows for a long time to come and it’s now the follow-up single to the top 3 hit “Supernova”. The most playful song since “Happy” belongs […]


2014 June Hot AC Issue

As the Summer heats up, so the Hot AC radio releases! Looks like another hit brewing for Capitol with Good Charlotte’s Madden Brothers, caught in the act of reinventing their sound and image with the colorful, familiar, yet fresh-sounding “We Are Done”. This should be a hit for Top 40 as well as Hot AC. Marie […]


2014 June AC Issue

Welcome to Issue #3 of the AC Radio Informer…an important issue as this sampler is now becoming an important tool for the world of AC. The ability to deliver a physical CD to make listening a one stop experience is important to busy Programmers who have so much to juggle these days. To our label […]