2015 January AC Issue

Welcome to the 1st AC Radio Informer for 2015!!! We brought the AC Informer brand to the market last year and are excited that the response has been so positive that we were able to get the new year rolling in quick fashion. The format continues to be a massive supporter of a wide variety […]


2014 September AC Issue

Welcome to Issue #4 of the AC Radio Informer which features an amazing selection of superstar artists with their 4th Quarter releases plus developing artists that will make their mark this fall. When Patty Morris at Capitol calls, I quickly pay very close attention. We like to have a superstar on the cover but I’m […]


2014 June AC Issue

Welcome to Issue #3 of the AC Radio Informer…an important issue as this sampler is now becoming an important tool for the world of AC. The ability to deliver a physical CD to make listening a one stop experience is important to busy Programmers who have so much to juggle these days. To our label […]


2014 May AC Issue

They always say the Sophomore effort is the hard one but here we are with Issue #2 of the AC Radio Informer. As with our sister samplers, I hope that the AC Radio Informer becomes the valuable tool that they have in helping to make the music listening process that much easier. We are now […]


2014 March AC Issue

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the AC Radio Informer. I am so excited to bring the Radio Informer brand to AC Radio and thank our label partners for welcoming us in a big way. The response speaks volumes about the importance of AC Radio to the labels. To grace our first cover is superstar […]