2016 May Triple A Issue

Cobi "Don't You Cry For Me

Cobi “Don’t You Cry For Me

It’s rare for a song to win me over the second a singer opens his mouth. That actually happened when I heard “Don’t You Cry For Me” by LA based musician Radio Informer cover boy, Cobi.  You’ll probably think of Hozier when you first hear the song.  Critics early reviews are glowing and I look forward to seeing how he presents himself in a live setting.  I’m expecting we will hear a lot from Cobi this year.


Rich Robinson created quite a catalog of music with his brother Chris in The Black Crowes. Sadly as go brothers in bands, so goes the bickering and frustrations.  Rich’s solo album “Flux” will come out June 24 and the single pretty much describes what he’s looking for as it’s entitled “The Music That Will Lift Me”  You can catch a nice acoustic version of the song on YouTube .  I bet you can get him to do a similar version for your station.


There are 4.6 million people that live in New Zealand.  That is almost the exact amount of streams that New Zealand band Six60 has enjoyed for their song “Don’t Forget Your Roots”.  So by my calculations, every single resident of New Zealand has streamed it at least once.  The album has gone quadruple platinum in their home country. The Six60 invasion is coming to the States soon.


The Young Presidents are looking for your vote of approval.  Voting day is June 6 when they’re going for your adds.


Salt Ashes is a singer-songwriter from Brighton, UK with the kind of tune Calvin Harris would kill for.  I tend to agree with Daniel at Partisan posting,, “We all have a better life thanks to Nico Yaryan’s “You Belong to Me” being out in the world!”.  Sturgill Simpson is picking up the torch left by Merle’s passing  Don’t believe me?  Read this article in Garden & Gun. Yes, that’s an actual thing.   Good Old War continue to win over fans as they tour across the States all summer long.  Get on board!


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