2015 October Triple A Issue

I trust everyone is having an awesome Rocktober (Like most of you I have a love/hate relationship with this word) and is all set for Halloween.

Our issue kicks off with “Carter And Cash” by Tor Miller.  Things are already heating up for Tor as he’s already nearing 2000 tracks sold in only 2 weeks and is one of the top ten movers on the Mediabase charts this week.

Speaking of movers, Grace Potter’s “Empty Heart” is also a Top 10 Mediabase mover as she leaps into the Top 20.  Grace is bringing the Rock to Rocktober with steller performances this month on World Café and a live webcast from Nashville.  You can see her performance of “Empty Heart” right here.  She’s in the midst of her Fall tour which extends until the foreseeable future.

Long time Triple A favorite artist, Meiko is back.   She’s got a new EP called LIVE SONGS FROM THE HOTEL CAFE that’s available on iTunes. This EP features seven songs recorded live at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. A handful of old-school faves, one brand-new track called “Perfect Fit” (the song featured on Radio Informer) and the never-before-released “You Gotta F**kin’ Tip”.

Besides being Rocktober, this month is also Breast Cancer Awareness month and there is still the opportunity to play “Boob Spelled Backwards Spells Boob”.  KFOG brought together an amazing roster of talent to bring this project to life.  Play it and remind your listeners of the importance of this cause.  Information can be found on the KFOG website.

Other songs to help you rock out include the soulful Kaleo, a Led Zeppelin cover from Maryland based band Pressing Strings, a moody scorcher from Baltimore’s Great American Canyon Band and  and a feel good jam from Southern California’s Hawai (it’s pronounced huh-why). Rock on!


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