2015 September Triple A Issue

Halsey "New Americana"

Summer has come and passed / The innocent can never last / Wake me up when September ends.  Yes, it is that time for reflection and just like that Green Day song, Halsey’s “New Americana” ushers in a new generation of music fans, “We Are The New Americana, Raised on Biggie and Nirvana”.  Want to feel old?  High School kids that were first exposed to music in the 90s are now in the 35-44 age range.  This song could lead listeners into the Triple A format.

Summer is indeed ending.  Just ask Fairground Saints.  “Can’t Control The Weather” is deceptive in that the song is so upbeat that it insists you sing along and yet you realize the song is about a guy just know coming out of a dark period and trying to cheer himself up.  “Things are getting better, but you can’t control the weather.”

Geneviève Bellemare has had it up to here and she’s fed up with your “Shenanigans”.  This song has an infectious soulful groove that does not let go until Geneviève has said her peace. And then you’ll want to play it again.

 Boy & Bear are poised to enter the top 40 with “Walk The Wire”.  Their bizarre new video will surely gain new fans and give you something to discuss on air like, “just what exactly is happening here?”

Also included in our September collection are NPR and Pitchfork fave’s Wolf Alice, a sweet folk-pop song from the Dutch band Chef’Special, make sure to check out the dance to Josh Ritter’s “Getting Ready To Get Down” and finally “there isn’t one way” to create a compelling song and Patty Griffin proves it with another fiery classic song to add to her amazing catalog.  Enjoy!

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