2015 February Hot AC Issue


What better way to thaw this chilly winter but with the latest Magic! song “No Way No”? Give your audience a warm, breezy, summer groove with this latest sing-a-long by the band that brought you the #1 “Rude”. Ever heard of North Of Nine? Randy Jackson heard them and now is their manager. “Can It Be You” hammers home a catchy chorus by lead singer, Jackson Guthy, as he pleads “I need someone to love me” in a voice that will surly stand out on the radio. In the wake of The Oscars comes the song “Hero”, featured in the amazing movie Boyhood. This tune by the hard-touring, self promoting band Family Of the Year is a hit. Just play it. Scars On 45 is another band who’s music has been featured in film and  TV shows like CSI: New York. “Tasted Every Tear” with it’s hook “kiss me kiss me…” features the dual vocals of Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver. Nickelback is back with a groove! Sounding somewhere between early Maroon 5 and Finger Eleven‘s “Paralyzer”, and featuring background vocals by Ali Tamposi (not Avril), “She Keeps Me Up” is a refreshing departure! Mat Kearney‘s new song “Billion” is making it’s way as I write onto Hot AC radio! This one is back to the basics with Kearney talk-singing through the verses then breaking into an anthemic chorus. Mikky Ekko is one of the writers of Rihanna‘s hit “Stay”. He’s also a terrific singer as you can hear on “Love You Crazy”. Already blowing up at Top 40, Pitbull‘s latest party hit, “Time Of Our Lives” featuring Ne-Yo is looking very good at Hot AC. You may remember Jacquie Lee,  season 5 (2013) runner-up of The Voice. Now she’s following up her first single “Broken Ones” with “Tears Fall” on Atlantic/Roadrunner. Last but not least, Kat Dahlia (aka Katriana Sandra Huguet) debuts at Hot AC with “I Think I’m In Love Again”. Known for her rapping, the Cuban-American shows off her unique and powerful singing voice here. Don’t miss it!

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