2015 February Triple A Issue


It’s February and love is in the air, just ask Radio Informer February cover artist Scars on 45

“I don’t know which way the river bends, but I’ll follow until the bitter end, across that ocean, bent and broken
just to find you my friend”

There’s no denying the love the singer has for his friend in the opening stanza of “Take You Home”. The song starts simply and slowly builds to a chorus of “I will always be right here with you-u-u”. It’s a song that’s going to immediately grab your listeners’ attention.

And if you don’t find The Mavericks’s salsa infused “All Night Long” as simply crazy sexy, you need to locate your pulse. Raul Malo just wants to love you all night long. Why should you deny your listeners this joy?

Mikky Ekko’s sounds like a man that’s addicted to his lover

“One taste, I’m a full blown addict
Now I keep comin’ back, gotta have it
Gotta have it, gotta have it”

Those that see Mikky’s show when he opens for Broods and Kimbra this Spring are going to be screaming that they gotta have it!

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker pleads

Maybe this ain’t not a sin,

Bodies got to keep exploring

Mark Ronson adds in his relentless disco beat and you have an amazing sexy jam. This song gets everyone jumping out of their seats to shake their groove thang.

February has more lovely songs from the live for today theme of Smallpools “Karaoke” to the pleading urgency of Kodaline. Tor Miller’s beautiful “Midnight” references Jeff Buckley’s “Grace”, one of the most romantic pop albums of the past 25 years. Fans of 70s pop-rock like Badfinger and Big Star will find immediate affection towards The London Souls “When I’m With You”. And who doesn’t love the fact that Death Cab For Cutie are back after four years with their new single “Black Sun”? Finally we close out this sampler with the lights out, time to go home and Milo Greene contemplating that “maybe tonight I’ll need your lonely eyes”. Enjoy!

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