2015 January AC Issue

AC201501Welcome to the 1st AC Radio Informer for 2015!!! We brought the AC Informer brand to the market last year and are excited that the response has been so positive that we were able to get the new year rolling in quick fashion. The format continues to be a massive supporter of a wide variety of music and can not only add tens of millions of impressions to crossover hits but continue to offer a platform for established and developing new Adult artists. Adrian and team RCA know all about adding those millions of impressions!! Superstar Kelly Clarkson graces our cover with the fast breaking “ Heartbeat Song”. A bad pun would be: this song closed out in a …well…Heartbeat!!! When you talk about Pop Culture, “Opportunity” from SIA has it in a big way…a track from the movie hit “Annie” and  a Golden Globe nomination adds to the already massive story. Thanks to “Uptown Funk” I am in great shape…not only enormous play at Top 40 & HAC…but in my spin classes!!! Now your audience can get in shape with this hook laden monster. To complete the RCA Fearsome Foursome (Football analogy) is “Waves” from Mr . Probz. Not only is over 1.6 Billion impressions , it has gotten play in 10 different formats!!!

Christina Perri has become a core pop artist with each of her songs building over time into massive hits. “The Words” is already a success at HAC and with SiriusXM The Blend coming on board the AC action is now beginning.  The folks at Yamaha Entertainment know something about legends: They have paired up Nathan East, a legendary bass player and vocalist with hall of fame credentials with Michael McDonald for a new take on another legend…the song “Moondance.” This is already off and running at the format.

We close out the Informer with three great ladies and happy to say I have had the opportunity to work with two of them. Alicia Witt is not only a TV & film star but an amazing singer; songwriter; and performer. I had the chance to help her out a couple of years ago on a project and now she has returned with a new track that shows how much she has grown as an artist…I accidentally had “Consolation Prize” on repeat in my I-Tunes and every time, I was just so impressed. My good pal, Rick Stone (we good pals call him Stoney)is developing yet another star with Isabel Rose. Her new track “ Never Satisfied” will continue to build her story as a developing star for the format. Finally, as a New Jersey native I always have to look out for my fellow Jersey friend, Erin Bowman. Erin is building a foundation at radio but with “Keep Me Warm” she has hit the jackpot. This song began its life in much shorter form as a McDonald’s commercial. We can’t be sure, but possible it has had “billions” of impressions (like hamburgers sold)as the commercial continues to be all over TV. A  variety of formats have taken advantage of the familiarity and the keep me warm message…cold weather AC markets New Orleans (WLMG) and Honolulu (KSSK) have led the AC play.

All of us at the AC Informer team (me, Ben & Stan) hope that this is a valuable tool for all those in the format. We always welcome any feedback (good or bad) as we work to provide the format with a great tool to help expose great new music.  Bob

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