2014 November Triple A Issue


As everyone seems to say at this time of year, “I can’t believe how quickly the year went”. This is the time for reflection and that’s why Bleachers‘ song “Rollercoaster” fits in perfectly for this time of year as he looks back at the girl that got away.  The song is already Top 15 at Alternative and Karoline at WJCU calls it “rather awesome”.

You + Me’s “You And Me” does not look back.  It’s a song about realizing right now how great you are together. Everyone knows and loves Alecia Moore aka Pink and everyone is going to get to know Dallas Green from City And Colour.  It’s a great match and you seem to agree as it’s already on over 40 AAA stations.

Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highway HBO series has become appointment television for anyone who’s a music fan.  It’s been a thrill taking a tour of each city and their musical heritage.  The Foo Fighters song played at the top of every show is now Top 5 at Alternative and still climbing at AAA.

There’s nothing more distinctive than then vocals of Smashing Pumpkins‘ Billy Corgan.  Their new album Monuments To Elegy will be released on December 9 and the first single “Being Beige” has the classic Smashing Pumpkins structure, starting slow and building to a crescendo.  As Billy explains, “…if there’s honesty in this lyric, it’s that there’s something amiss in our cosmos. Yet still, we must love.” A great theme for the new year.

Make sure to also check out the latest from Guster, the typical brilliance from Coldplay, a new holiday classic from The Living Sisters, as well as some great new songs from artists you should get to know, People’s Blues Of Richmond, The Bad Years and Michael Bermudez. Enjoy!

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