2014 September AC Issue

AC201409-BobSeger-CapitolWelcome to Issue #4 of the AC Radio Informer which features an amazing selection of superstar artists with their 4th Quarter releases plus developing artists that will make their mark this fall. When Patty Morris at Capitol calls, I quickly pay very close attention. We like to have a superstar on the cover but I’m not sure that designation is not big enough for Bob Seger. This man is a legend and we are proud to showcase his new release “You Take Me In” on the cover. He has sold over 50 million records and has been delivering hits to radio for decades. The sampler continues with LeAnn Rimes with “Help Me Make It Through The Night” which comes from her current Top 5 Dance album. I had the pleasure to work with LeAnn back in my Curb days and now she and Marie Miller are a great one-two combo for John Butler. Marie continues to make inroads every week with support from both SiriusXM The Blend & SiriusXM The Pulse but now WLIT in Chicago joins in on 6’2. Great long term commitment. In keeping with the superstar theme, our back cover also features “You Got Me” from Gavin DeGraw. As usual, Adrian & Wendy have all the tools on this great track: written by Diane Warren(I think I have heard of her!!!); feature placement in ads and in the movie “Dolphin Tale 2”; and to just make sure he is seen live…he’s been opening dates for Billy Joel!!

I have always had a soft spot for Bryan Adams…I remember looking at the album cover of his first album and thinking I like the way he spells Bryan…well, that became the spelling for my soon to be born son. My Bryan is now 32…and Bryan Adams is STILL making hits, this time with Mike Rittberg and the team at Verve with “She Knows Me”. Jason Mraz just continues as a hit making machine for Mitch Mills and company with “Love Someone” yet another in those long lasting hits he has become famous for. “Trail of Light & Dark” has been generating notice at the format for a few weeks for Tom Mazzetta but with the addition of SiriusXM The Blend last week, Tom will be a busy man fielding calls about this inspirational song. Speaking of inspiration, another of my bands I previously worked, Mercy Me and their mega hit, “I Can Only Imagine” return with a fun pop track called “Shake”. They continue to dominate Christian airplay charts and sell bigger than most artists these days due to touring and years of hits.

We are always happy to introduce some new artists to the format and this issue we have Isabel Rose with “Trouble In Paradise” and “Package Deal” from Bianca & Chiara D’Ambrosio. Look for action on these as they are impacting now. Finally, we close the sampler with a new version of “Dreams Come True” by Rebecca Holden & Tony LeBron. This song has tens of millions of views as it has become a “the” wedding song of the past few years. The positive message of the song also made it a feature in the Delilah newsletter over the summer.

We will be working on Issue 5 right away but will be stepping aside for the annual Holiday Informer next month.

One final note: Last week marked the end of a huge run for Bernie Moody at KWAV in Monterey as new ownership took over. I know I speak on behalf of the entire record community when I say that he will be missed. Bernie is a music fan and there are so many hit records that he started it’s impossible to count. A great programmer; a fan of music; and a great guy. We are all rooting for Bernie and look forward to his next position in radio.

  • Bob Seger
    You Take Me In

  • LeAnn Rimes
    Help Me Make It Through The Night

  • Gavin DeGraw
    You Got Me

  • Marie Miller

  • Bryan Adams
    She Knows Me

  • Jason Mraz
    Love Someone (Radio Edit)

  • Susan Toney
    The Trail Of Light & Dark

    [Strange Child]
  • MercyMe

    [Fair Trade]
  • Isabel Rose
    Trouble In Paradise

    [Jubilee Productionas]
  • Bianca & Chiara D’Ambrosio
    Package Deal

    [Blue Eyed Club]
  • Rebecca Holden & Tony LeBron
    Dreams Come True





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