Gavin DeGraw Has Another Hit Brewing

Looks and sounds like Gavin DeGraw has another hit brewing. If you didn’t see him perform “Not Over You” from his new album Sweeter on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, take a look and listen here now. This latest addition to his repertoire of hits like “Follow Through”, “I Don’t Want To Be” and “Chariot” is a little more sophisticated and sonically dynamic, but capitalizes on the same formula: unmistakable R&B-infused vocals, dominant piano, and a soulful musical vibe all around.

This time around DeGraw enlisted sure thing, One Republic hitmaker Ryan Tedder to co-write and produce. For a songwriter/artist who has written 3 of his own Top 10 adult hits (with another one on the way), DeGraw isn’t balking at doing whatever he needs to do to keep the radio-friendly hits coming. “Co-writing with other people changed everything for me,” he recently said. “Not only did it open my mind to new ideas, but it changed the way I wrote on my own.”

DeGraw also performs another gospel tinged Sweeter song, “Soldier”, on Kimmel. It’s good to see that DeGraw has healed up from the mugging on August 8th in New York city’s East Village near the bar (The National Underground) he owns with his brother Joey. He sustained a broken nose, concussion, two black eyes and than, to add insult to injury, was hit by a taxi in the well publicized mishap.  Check him out on his upcoming tour with David Cook in October and November.

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