Demi Lovato Rebounds to New Heights

After battling with cutting, anorexia, bullemia, drugs, and alcohol, 19-year-old Demi Lovato has come back feeling better than ever. In her appearance yesterday on Good Morning America Demi spoke of how her new song “Skyscraper” is about recovery and rising above problems. A year ago she quit television and a tour to enter rehab for 3 months. She began writing new material as soon as she finished treatment.

Today, Demi is openly talking about her addictions along with her continued dedication to bringing awareness to the devastating effects of teen bullying. On Ellen, she talks about “weeding out” associates who were not looking out for her well being, keeping her new “team” focused on her health more than making money.

Lovato’s new album Unbroken hit stores and the web today and her show in LA on the 23rd at the Nokia Theater is sold out. Check out her performance on Ellen as she sings and plays piano on “Skyscraper”.

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