Beyonce & Lady Gaga: Careers In Contrast

This week ended with a bang with Beyonce performing “The Best Thing I Never Had” here on  Jimmy Fallon as well as on The View where she also sang “1 + 1” here  — both from her new album 4 — and Lady Gaga performing her current single “The Edge of Glory” here and “new” single “You And I” here on Jimmy Kimmel from her current album Born This Way.

Gaga and Beyonce are arguably two of the biggest women in pop music and their performances and interviews (Beyonce on both The View and Fallon) proved to be as much of a contrast in talents as perspective from respective stages in their careers.

These women are driven! The theme in Beyonce’s interviews was that she has taken a year off from her career, her mother suggesting that her mental health comes first. Beyonce says she spent the time visiting museums and watching (from the audience) her husband J-Z  perform. She explored cities that she had only experienced from a hotel room before. Right….still she managed to record an entire new album and direct a mini-documentary about it as well!

It was telling for Kimmel to announce that Lady Gaga had her TV debut on his show in 2008. In just over 3 years Gaga has become the hottest, most controversial and visual (almost on a daily basis) female music star on the planet. In true Gaga form, towards the end of their segment, she remarks that she doesn’t like Kimmel. What can you say about Gaga that isn’t going to change or get trumped in the next news cycle? Born This Way (only her second studio album), which sold over a million copies the first week of release, had a controversial debut when it was revealed that over 430,00 of the initial sales came from a two-day Amazon $.99 sale.

Beyonce is just about to turn 30 and she says 4 is a return to the fundamentals of traditional instruments, classic songwriting, and honest performance. It appears that she’s moving into a more mature stage in her career. Not so for Gaga, who is still proving herself as demonstrated by the diverse collection of songs on her new album and her penchant for attention and controversy. What do these latest Beyonce and Gaga promotional interviews reveal that they have in common? They both want to have children… some day.

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