Incubus “Lite”

After a four-year hiatus, the enigmatic rock band Incubus has just released a new album, If Not Now, When?,  performing the album’s poppy second single, “Promises, Promises” here for an excited crowd Monday night on David Letterman.

Incubus band members were not idle during the past four years, during which time a greatest hits album was released. While lead singer Brandon Boyd put out a solo effort, guitarist Mike Einziger enrolled at Harvard to study music composition, exacting drummer Jose Pasillas started a family, bassist Ben Kenney recorded two solo albums (he played all the instruments), and keyboardist/DJ Chris Kilmore toured with Kenney.

Incubus fans are trying to make sense of the bands current musical direction with their decidedly “lite” sound on If Not Now, When? (their seventh album). Since debuting with Fungus Amongus in 1995, Incubus has ambitiously dabbled in heavy metal, electro-funk, jazz, hip hop and techno sounds, while anchored in alternative rock where they have had four number one radio hits generating multi-platinum sales. If Not Now… is a significant departure from — if not abandonment of — the sound they are known for.

Incubus will have plenty of opportunity to re-connect with their audience and perhaps convert them to their new musical direction while on an ambitious 18-month tour now in progress.

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