The Airborne Toxic Event on Conan

The Airborne Toxic Event gave an energetic performance last Tuesday on Conan of the Top 5 Alternative Radio hit “Changing” from their second album All At Once. After a self-titled debut album, a few EP’s and a live record/documentary from Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the band has settled into success with a catchy chord structure and identifiable lyrics. Dropping the strings that set them apart in their debut, the band featured an upright bass, a standing drummer and an impressive array of vocals (every member sings in the performance) to distinguish themselves from the myriad alternative bands out there.

The Airborne Toxic Event has become well known for their diverse live performances at a wide range of venues, one-take acoustic videos, and for their human rights charity work. They launched a website and released a new song and corresponding video in June of 2010 to raise awareness of the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, an innocent bystander killed by militia. The shooting was caught on tape and widely circulated during the Iranian election protests. You can watch the video and upload your own ‘I am Neda” photo here.

Their prolific live perfomances across the US and the UK along with their flurry of talk show appearances in the past few months give viewers and listeners plenty to digest from this increasingly popular group. Check out their string of tour dates through October here, including free shows in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

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