Twin Shadow – Haunting Your Mind

I first saw “Castles In The Snow” about a month ago on YouTube and I was captivated by the haunting melody; “everything I touch goes cold, castles in the snow”. This stripped down version of the song bounced around in my head awhile and then I got buried in other videos and bands. Twin Shadow was temporarily forgotten.

Fast forward to tonight’s performance on Fallon and it all came back. I remembered watching “Slow” and loving the totally compressed 80’s snare, the super echo delay guitar parts and the slightly “british-y” singing. I remembered getting a bizarre mix of old imagery in my head – a young Prince’s anti-social energy, Morris Day’s hair, Edge’s delay pedals, Echo and the Bunnymen, Morrissey’s melancholy delivery, bowling alleys, Back to the Future – a gumbo of tasty memories and sounds I used to love. (Update: MTV has an awesome new vid of a house party performance of “Slow”)

At first I didn’t like the fuller, drum-set version of tonight’s “Castles” but after a second listen it started growing on me. I still like the Studio Session version for it’s openness and up-front vocals so I guess I just like the song in both forms.

George Lewis Jr. is the lead singer and songwriter, supposedly having recorded all the songs on the latest album Forget by himself in hotel rooms. It’s impressive enough that he played all the instruments and sang on all the tracks, but the fact that he could form a band and then take it to a higher level is amazing.

Twin Shadow is currently on tour in Europe and will also be sharing the stage with Florence + the Machine in the U.S. in June.

The album Forget is only $5 on Amazon right now. Recommended.

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