Lady GaGa At It Again With “Judas”

“Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to”. So sings the insatiably attention-grabbing Lady GaGa on her new single, “Judas” [Music Video], world premiered this week on Ellen. The former Catholic is at it again courting controversy with this second release from her forthcoming album, Born This Way, out later this month.

Religious pundits are judging and radio stations are playing “Judas” with equal zeal as GaGa gyrates and sings at the top of her lungs for her “monsters”, her most loyal fans. As with artists before her like Prince and Madonna, GaGa is expertly fanning the flames of a pop culture blaze started less than 3 years ago with her debut album. She’s had good mentors and her timing, resourcefulness, and talent are serving her well in her quest to persevere beyond the 15 minutes some critics have given her.

So far she’s doing pretty well. Like Madonna before her, GaGa has been playing with Catholic symbols, dressing in habit, swallowing the rosary. Now she says God sent her the lyrics to “Judas”.  I really don’t hear all the danger in GaGa’s latest single. It could be just a song about being torn between the dark and light, loving the mean, bad boys that mommy and daddy don’t approve of. Only in this case it’s a guy named Judas and there are plenty of Biblical references laced throughout the song. Check out the video debuting on E! Online on May 4 at 8 p.m. In the meantime, check out her performance on Ellen.

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