Who’s Jessie J?

OK… if you don’t know about Jessie J, it’s time! But first, check out her Jay Leno performance of “Price Tag” this past Wednesday. (She was on Ellen, too) Whoa… this girl can sing and write a pretty catchy tune too. She’s young, attractive, and fresh (and admittedly bi-sexual) but Jessie J is kind of an old soul when it comes to entertaining and living. I mean literally living.

Since the age of 11, when she was cast in the Andrew Lloyd Webber West End production of Whistle Down the Wind, Jessie has had an irregular heartbeat. At 18-years-old she suffered a minor stroke. She’s no stranger to her own mortality. Watching her perform you get the feeling she’s not wasting her time on anything but living for the moment and her dream. I saw her perform live in a small L.A. venue recently and was impressed with her energy, exuberant personality, and glass-breaking vocals.

Jessie began recording her first album in 2005 for a label that went bankrupt. It’s taken her 6 years to record her formal debut album, Who You Are, which came out in January. In the meantime she honed her skills as a songwriter, co-writing the Miley Cyrus hit, “Party in the U.S.A.”. Not bad.

The fact is, Jessie J has already had a #2-charting UK hit with “Do it Like A Dude” and “Price Tag” went to #1! So watch out America…. Jessie J is right behind her British school chum, Adele, in her pursuit of the top of the U.S. charts.

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