Foo Fighters Play Full Concert on Letterman


Yesterday, Dave Grohl and his battlers of Foo performed a cool 90+ minute set at the Ed Sullivan Theater for Letterman’s Late Night show. The guys have been hard at work with performances on SNL, the Daily Show and now this huge appearance in support of their just released, highly acclaimed 11-track album Wasting Light .

Starting off in black and white, this full concert video features the band dressed up like the greatest band of all-time, The Beatles who performed on the same stage over 45 years ago for The Ed Sullivan Show.

Watch all 90+ minutes!
About half way through, the color kicks in and we see the band’s Gibson guitars in all their beauty, Dave jokes about how especially high their guitar straps are (presumably in sync with the Fab Four footage) and he shows us how it makes him move abnormally – hilarious. A false start occurs on “Big Me” when “someone is viciously out of tune” and Grohl continues his comedy act bantering with a heckler in the audience as they try to somehow tuneup.

All in all, it is a mind-blowing set showcasing Grohl’s amazingly HUGE collection of songs performed with great energy by superbly talented musicians with a “garage band” feel (if you listen closely you can hear the occasional wrong notes or hear his voice go slightly out of pitch). But hey – that’s rock n roll man.  It goes on and on and as I watched it all I could think was “I love that song. And that one too. And this one too. And…”

Yeah. I’m a fan. This is the kind of stuff I watch and keep hoping will never end. It’s the kind of stuff that inspires me to pick up my guitar and jam along or maybe even push me into attempting to write my own rock anthem. It moves me and it makes me smile.

Are you still reading this? I could write forever and it would still not do it justice. Just watch it now!. You will love it. I promise. Oh and don’t forget to see the encore with a great intro from Letterman.

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